Senior Software Developer


Bunifu Technologies
September 2013 - December 2022 · 112 months
Nairobi, Kenya
Working at Bunifu Technologies has been a great experience, I have been involved in the following: - Created custom controls for Bunifu Framework - Developed and maintained various product lines including BunifuGo, Bunifu Antivirus - Analyzed malware and updated virus definitions for Bunifu Antivirus - Created and maintained licensing system for Bunifu Products - Provided customer support for various Bunifu product lines e.g Bunifu Framework - Reviewed current systems and performed vulnerability assessment in regards to code security. Bunifu Technologies is a great place to work, I learnt a lot about software development, security, innovation and also got to work with a great team of founders and entrepreneurs.

Software Developer


Scanz Technologies
January 2019 - December 2022 · 48 months
Part Time
As part of the Scanz team, I have been involved in the following: - Rebuilt Scanz from old Equityfeed - Migrated Old Code(Scanz) from Java Swing to new Kotlin Swing - Updated user subscription management dashboards using VueJs It has been a great experience working with the Scanz team, learnt a lot about the stock market, trading and extra abilities of Kotlin language, and also got to work with a great team of developers.

Frontend Developer


January 2023 - July 2024 · 19 months
After working for a while as a full time developer, I decided to try out freelancing, I have been involved in the following: - Learned new technologies and frameworks including VueJs, Svelte and React to build web applications - Built various web applications for clients - Currently working on a new project for a client using VueJs - I'm also delving into Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile(KMM) to build cross platform mobile applications